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Type: Each bowl has been handmade from a unique blend of iron rich and porcelain based stoneware clay. All leather-bound bowls are wheel-thrown and then hand manipulated to create the holes in preparation for the leather binding process. Natural leather has been bound through pre-made holes and tightened through shrinkage to ensure a strong fit and flat finish, becoming natural handles for the dish. Beautiful, unique and useful, these bowls encompass rustic and earthy connections. 


Each item may have slight variations in glaze and size due to the nature of handmade items.


Leather bound bowl 'Mint'

SKU: 0006
$120.00 Regular Price
$90.00Sale Price
  • Clay: Iron rich mix

    Fired: Oxidation Fired to cone 10

    Glaze: Mint Turquoise Green with blue hues

    Size: 25cm Rim 7cm high.

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