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 by CaM

Unique, handcrafted ceramics

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Ceramic Collection

This site showcases my unique pottery; made for every day use in the home, handmade in Australia.


My ceramic collection consists of a range of table and serving ware.


Functional pottery with beautiful aesthetics.

A bit about CaM...

Clay and Mud...


I can’t imagine my daily life without this. As a lifelong learner, I am constantly experimenting with stoneware mixes and glaze combinations to form unique and individual functional ceramics.


I enjoy creating both on the wheel and through hand building. This means the variance of the style and structural form of my ceramics is designed to show difference, and highlight unique qualities.

CaM image.jpg


February 2022


I have been collecting pieces by CaM since I was gifted some bowls for my 30th birthday. I now have a completely unique collection of mugs, tumblers, bowls, plates, platters and vessels that are my prized possessions.


Her honest, earthy, beautifully shaped and textured works had me hooked from the moment I touched them and bring me joy every single day. I will forever be coming back to, and highly recommending Pottery by CaM.

Gracey Calnin, Victoria, Australia.

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